Wednesday, 14 January 2015

watching movies in the night while working for deadlines

pride and prejudice
and miss potter

incredibly beautiful movies, greatly owing to the superb costumes and exalted british diction as to be found in traditional books -
what else is there to wish for.
feeling purely enchanted, delighted and hoping for everything to become better through making art, painting again
and sewing beautiful costumes and classic garments.
i shall be a dandy illustrator.

(cha, january 12th,15 - 03.27am)

morning thoughts:
i feel like a corpse, wandering through the night
not real at all, more like floating
everything hurts and my arms change colour
which is odd
i wish it were that easy to just do stuff for uni 
as it is to keep this blog
feel like really not living up to my full capacity
and i just dunno what to do with that realisation anymore
first of all i shall sleep
listening to the rain outside and my audiobooks
forgetting that i always talk about my sorrows which sucks
cause i am so full of light

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