Tuesday, 10 February 2015

but when i caught it you were out of reach // fairy mist << lavender mermaid

sometimes my heart skips a beat
and i can't breathe for a second
(out of fear)
but that's okay.

bruises are alright and blood is.
this human body is meant to wither over time
but right now it is young and full of energy
the tiny independent galaxy on my knee told my mind
that it's nothing to worry about
and i agree with my knee. 

i should not cut fabric in the night
and eat as many carbs as i do when i am very active
but all in all it is not really of a big importance
for i move a great deal at times
body knows what body needs

everyone talks of so many things
judges what's good and what isn't
well, i shall continue sitting in my shimmering bubble
and try to figure out humankind.

soon i will be reunited with memories of my past
in barcelona
where violet (veilchen) mermaids 
joined my life
evoking the spirits of childhood/tween days/rose petals 

it was the perfect time i had
and wonderful mojitos <3
dreams, visions, freedom, endlessness in sunshine
in love with a romantic city
pure, ethereal poetry
infinitely happy

we will see how it turns out this time around
not of the same blood or mind
we shall form and represent youth 
(so many people travel there who would not even think
of dividing sunrays
or floating in and out of the conscious 
waves, so blue)


what is there left to say?
i should sleep but can't 
which isn't quite okay
but oh well

today --- monday actually
i used to see sense in textile experimentation (like, afterwards)
and even though we are doing design development
like i did 5 years ago
i feel really happy and motivated
through a really kind tutor
who just radiates sunshine and positivity
and does not make me think of thunderstorms
it's wonderful to have someone share excitement 
(one feels but does not feel quite like expressing)
(because one can't believe things being worthy of excitement sometimes)
i am happy for i think she does not judge me
and i need that, because i feel like so many are / i am

agog (ra) for the things to come.


xoxo, cha

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