Tuesday, 5 May 2015


making decisions is something the ghost is not fond of
they reflect in oceans so deep, the ground has swallowed itself
an abyss of dark moss and blackness, shadows that lower themselves as veil
in sweeter times it was chai-coloured and soft, like velvet or chiffon georgette
the fabric analogies are implied irony, of course

in a country of non-conformists, what is it to not conform? 
in a state of monotony, what is it to stick out?
can you pay the price of freedom ? can your risk not being able to express/
is this sacrifice possible, are you to feel guilty about being so selfish

it is selfish, is it not, to strive for full expression

how many people in this world suppress their inner self in order to keep something going
something intact

my gift to humanity is something that seeks to destroy a certain order

like an impenetrable wall it should crumble with a smash
for daylight to stream in 

i want to abolish darkness

but how would i do that in a culture where darkness is worshipped
as dark humour sort of thing

how is it possible to always contemplate life 

as an hourglass that runs against events
three years are a long time, so is one year
but every second can be precious if right decisions are made

good art can come from a good, sane mind

there is no destruction necessary to go places 
the destruction can also be distraction 
it is a valid part of the path that is nature-given
like the tides, it is important to recognise it and to let it pass
sweeping over oneself until it's gone
comes night, follows day / moon and sun in changing order
us humans are so similar

many would not understand this but

we come from nature and nature can give us all these answers
intuition is key and so is returning to one's roots 
roots are within and without
they are trees and cherry blossoms (even if these are pink)
they are bonds, love and family
the whole vast sky and ocean
the darkness of forests and the divine beauty they hold
the body and skin that holds this spirit

these all are roots

we need not forget when we are lost in communication
sorrow, worries, love, at times
that all this is a natural wheel that turns around in a continuous motion

i feel like things will come naturally


if you need decisions, go within yourself

that's a solution, perhaps

( (c)alissa cha, 05/05/2015)

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